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Plunge PodX Ice bath - Now a Huge 85cm wide!

Plunge PodX Ice bath - Now a Huge 85cm wide!

Experience rejuvenation with our portable Plunge PodX in glossy black. Crafted with superior-grade, long-lasting material, this device is simple to install anywhere, like in the backyard, to the campsite or when you're adventuring outdoors. Instead of taking a dip in a lake when you're in a hurry, a session in the ice pod offers similar rewards, from a feel-good rush of endorphins to lessen inflammation, swelling, and accelerate muscle recovery after working out or playing sports. Get the benefits today!

  • Fully Portable and Insulated: The Plunge PodX is a fully portable, fully insulated, easily cleaned recovery pod allowing you to take Cold water plunges Anywhere.
  • Spacious Design: The Plunge PodX is substantially larger than its competitors; measuring 85x75cm. It boasts an impressive 380 liters of volume and is priced competitively, whilst using premium-grade materials.
  • Specification:

  - Height - 75cm
  - Diameter - 95cm
  - Capacity - 480L
  - Weight - 4.5Kg
  - Suitable for 6'7
  - Skin & Environmentally friendly PVC
  - 5 layer insulating technology

  • What's in the Box:

- Portable Plunge Pod
- Free All Weather Cover
- Inflatable Thermo Lid
- Water Cushion/Pillow
- Support Legs x6
- Hand Pump
- Portable Zipped Storage Bag
- Drain Valve Inc. 2 x washers (1 x spare)

30 Day Money Back Guarantee – Shop with Confidence!

Complete your Ice Pod experience: Check out our ActivRobe for the perfect pairing.


Using an ice bath correctly actually has many health benefits! We will always recommend you begin by spending no more than 1 - 2 minutes in the ice bath, and slowly working you way up to the recommended time of 10 minutes maximum, never push your body beyond its limits.

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